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Post 12 Blessing Box

American Legion Post 12 Bethany-Warr Acres, Oklahoma is feeling excited. Members of Scout Troop 162, are building Post 12 a Blessings Box for his Eagle Scout project. Derrick is being assisted by members of the troop, and some parents doing the saw work. The Blessing Box will be a place for members of the community to “take what you need and leave what you can leave for others - a location for perishable items for members of our community in need of some assistance.

Derrick researched, designed and helped build us our own BLESSING BOX to help the citizens of our Bethany & Warr Acres communities! The ultimate surprise - Derrick even stocked it for us!!! He is even going to help us keep it stocked once a month for the next year! Derrick, you are an amazing young man! LADIES & GENTLEMEN, the American Legion Post 12 (Bethany-Warr Acres) Blessing Box is open and ready for the citizens of our communities who occasionally need a little extra help. Have extra non-perishable items? Put them in the Blessing Box for others. Need a little something, check out the Blessing Box to see if there is something there you need. We love you DERRICK!!

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