Post 12  Leadership


Post Commander
Brett Martin 

1st Vice Commander
Eric Gagomiros

2nd Vice Commander

Jim Robbins

Finance Officer
Mellodee Griffith

Jeff Long

Post Namesake

Waggoner - Trimble

American Legion Post 12 was named after PFC Stephen Waggoner and Mechanic Karl Dell Trimble.  

Both of the soldiers were from Council Grove, Oklahoma. Both were assigned to the 357th Regiment.    

The 357th Regiment was the point of the spear in final of the Meuse-Argonne Campaign in late October, 1918. After a successful first day attack towards the German lines at “Le Grand Farm,” just on the outskirts of De Bantheville, Meuse, Lorraine, France, the 357th came under a vicious German Artillery counterattack.


  During the almost incessant German artillery barrage, PFC Stephen Waggoner and his machine gun team were lost.  Their bodies were never recovered.  Sadly, during this same artillery counterattack, Mechanic (E-4) Karl Dell Trimble of the 357th and also of Council Grove, OK, was mortally wounded.

  The Charter Members of Post 12, all veterans of World War One and the AEF chose to name the Post in Memory of their Fallen Comrades from Council Grove, Stephen D. Waggoner and Karl D. Trimble in 1941.

Sergeant At Arms
James Gipson

Mike Taylor

Bar Manager
Brett Martin

Post Chaplain

Phil Gray

Rental Property Manager
Jim Von Thaer
Building Manager   
Brett Martin 
Property Manager  Jim Von Thaer
Rental Manager   
Brett Martin

Founding Post Members

  Ray L. Maxwell    Rodney P Jones   

T.A. Gale    R.W. Moyes   R.H. Reed   

A.B.  McFarland   Carl B. Martin   

Ernest H. Lombard   W.B. Oliverson   

T.A. Roberts   Devereux Shields   

Floyd Marmon   Vincent L. Mikeska

C.E. Cavener   H.E. Boecking   

Harvey D. Power   J.C. Curtis   

R.H. Hutchinson   W.O. McPherson

Carl C. Phelps   Albert L. Mason   

W. K. Denison   Charles B. Pritshept   

Don H. Hardin   C. H. Carnahan

Cecil Page   Roy R. Parker

J. R. Cavett   C. Guy Freeland   

C.O. Remington   W. C. Jenkins

Claude C. Kuykendall   

Clarence Earl Marsh   Ralph B. Galbraith

Robert O. Larimer   Alec D. Ralston

Barney L. Fisher   Lark Cassel

Leonard J. Baker   Dee Oliver Chambers

Samuel R. McCasson   Frank R. Stockton

P.A. Sante


Post Executive Committee
Brett Martin
Jeff Long
Rob Haugh
Mark Nadig
Mellodee Griffith 
Mike Taylor
Phil Gray

Jim Von Thaer

Eric Gagomiros
Jim Robbins

Jim Gipson
David Walkup
Mike Dussault


Notable Post Members

Leo C. Mayfield,  served in WWII in the United States Coastguard.  Mayfield was a lifelong member of American Legion Post 12.  After his military service, Mayfield went on to become a teacher in the Putnam City school district, then a principal, and finally the Superintendent.

 Mayfield Middle School in Oklahoma is named in his honor.